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Why it Hurts

Clicking Buttons.

  • 10,000 mouse clicks a day is 2,000,000, TWO MILLION a year.
  • Based on a 222 working days (44 weeks) (excluding keyboards clicks)
How Far Do You Have to Go?
  • Say you move your mouse just 2 inches between each click.
  • That is 4,000,000 inches or 333,333 feet, some 63.13 miles a year
  • In metric units that is 101 Kilometers a year.
  • You walk on your hands for over a mile, nearly 2 kilometers, per week!
  • Doesn't using you larger upper arms muscles make more sense now?
Why Computer Related RSI?
  • Mechanical typewriters were thought not to inflict RSI so much
  • The mechanical mechanism meant a wait each time a key was hit
  • Though small, a Nano-Break, finger muscles got a rest each time
  • Hands and arms were moved not held flat, promoting circulation
  • The Computer mouse had not been invented!
Computer Urban Legend #1: - Wrist Rests
  • (Mechanical) Typists did not rest their wrists on hard surfaces
  • The weight of hands and forearms not pressing on the carpal tunnel
  • Blood vessels at the wrist are closest to the surface
  • Wrist rests, gel or otherwise, act as a partial tourniquet for the wrist
  • They cause the circulation to be physically constricted even more.
  • Do not use them we say and also say
  • The American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons
Computer Urban Legend #2: -Trackballs (or any mouse you grip)
  • Trackballs require finger activity with no arm movement at all
  • Manipulation of the trackball applies a static load on fingers and thumb
  • 1oz of force at thumb tip produces 10 oz on the thumb / palm joint
  • 10 oz of force a second for a total of 3 hours a day, equals 6,750 lbs
  • 3.38 tons of grip per day or 750+ tons in a 222 working day year
  • We are capable of remarkable things, but not indefinitely.

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