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AirO2bic Mouse™
What to Expect

Designer Appliances offers the best available science in computer mousing, the science of Computer Biomechanics™. As a science, Computer Biomechanics is solving the causal problems and not just managing symptoms. Our techniques address the underlying issues that cause mousing limbs to fail and our remedy is to provide tools that work with and within the body's limitations, while still satisfying your work expectations.

It is an expectation that by using AirO2bic Mouse™ many afflicted will experience improvement in their own circumstance, by way of relief or reduction in the symptoms currently being experienced. There is no guarantee of relief or cure but it is logical to expect that if you remove the precipitating circumstance things should at least get no worse. However damage to some may mean that limb performance decline is inevitable, even if they never touch a computer again.

Upon first usage of AirO2bic Mouse™ some can expect to experience new sensations in their mousing arm during what is a period of acclimatization. You are advised to configure your mousing area so that your arm hangs freely and the forearm is off the work surface and use the upper arm muscles to move the hand that now rests in the AirO2bic Mouse™. Remember not to grip and keep them off the buttons, with Nib™ you seldom need to touch them. If you are not sure how much space you need and want a handy reminder as to posture as well, the Quill-Well™ mouse mat will provide you with both and also make mousing even more effortless.

New sensations experienced should not be painful, stop and seek medical advice if there are and those felt can be viewed as a positive indication that your arm is in the process of adapting to a new and more effective posture.

Some may also feel the need to concentrate more on pointing initially, this too will quickly pass (an hour or two) as the bodies "autonomic system", that which allows the body to function automatically once a "task", such as a "limb movement" is learned, starts to function under this new and biomechanically sound regime. It is also likely that neither of these experiences may apply to many new users.

The commonest experience, which is temporary, is that for the first hour or so the hands can become warm or even hot and sweaty. Our assumption for this phenomenon is that your circulation is less restricted and so blood flow is greater, making your hands flushed and therefore warmer. After a few days the body adjusts to your new posture and this will diminish and stop.

Debris that will typically build up in the gully of your AirO2bic Mouse™ is easily removed with standard computer cleaning towels or other computer safe cleaning products.

Common sense must prevail and if any sensations experienced become intense, then breaks should be taken as necessary. Likewise, if receiving medical treatment, you might notify your clinician before you begin using the AirO2bic Mouse™ so that they can monitor and adapt any therapy that they feel is appropriate. Any individuals experiencing on-going painful symptoms, whether they own an AirO2bic Mouse™ or not, are advised to see their medical practitioner to investigate any underlying medical problems.

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