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AirO2bic Mouse™
What to Expect


  • We offer the best available science in computer mousing, that is encompassed into a practical strategy we call Anti.Fatigue™
  • Anti.Fatigue™ manages the causal problems, not just the symptoms
    • It addresses the underlying issues that cause mousing limbs to fail

Our Remedy

  • Provide tools that work within the body's limitations; while still satisfying your work expectations

Using the AirO2bic Mouse™

  • When first using AirO2bic™ mouse new sensations may be felt in the mousing arm
    • This is normal and to be expected and we callthis the acclimatization period
    • Make sufficient space for the mousing area and arms should hang freely
    • Use the upper arm muscles to move the hand that now rests in the AirO2bic™
    • Remember not to grip and keep fingers off buttons (Nib™ makes for Click-Less)
    • If unsure how much space you need, use a Glide-Well™ mouse mat
    • Optimized for use with High Glide Feet, it constantly reminds of good posture
  • New sensations experienced should not be painful
    • Stop immediately and seek medical advice if there are!
    • Sensations felt can be viewed as a positive indication of mousing improvement
    • Your arm is in the process of adapting to a new and more effective posture
  • Some may feel the need, initially, to concentrate more on pointing
    • This will quickly pass (an hour or two) as it becomes automatic behavior again
      • The arm learns the moves so the brain can issue orders and not instructions!
  • The most common temporary experience is hands becoming warm, hot and even sweaty
    • One explanation is that your circulation is less restricted and so blood flow is greater
    • Hands become flushed and therefore warmer
    • It only occurs for some for the first hour or so at the start of the day
    • After a few days it gets less and soon stops
  • Debris can build up in the gully of your AirO2bic™
    • It cleans off easily and is back to "new" with computer safe cleaning products
    • It is a lot easier than cleaning track balls!
  • Common sense must prevail and if any sensations experienced become intense:
    • Take breaks as necessary
    • If receiving medical treatment notify your clinician before you begin using AirO2bic™
      • They can monitor and adapt any therapy that they feel is appropriate
    • Any on-going pain from any mouse should be notified to a medical practitioner
      • To investigate any underlying medical problems
  • Download Computer Mouse Fatigue(PDF) for info as to symptoms

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