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Home to Aerobic Mouse and the E-Quill-AirO2bic Mouse™ (pronounced Aerobic mouse), the only mousing system that is designed to maintain your "mousing" fingers, hand, wrist and forearm, those muscles most at risk of fatigue, in a near resting, muscle relaxed, posture; something ergonomist's call "Functional Neutral", so as to help maintain more aerobic conditions in those tissues to reduce the risks of what scientists now call Repetitive Negligible Force Injuries.

By designing out the need to use those muscles and joints that are most prone to injury we designed in the capability for these same products to be used just as effectively and productively by persons who may not have use or control over them. As a Universal Design it looks at home on all workstations as it allows those without disability to avoid using those muscles that can injure and enables many with hand dexterity disability, through injury, illness or as a consequence of aging, to work as effectively and productively as their colleagues, truly accessible technology. It should be remembered that computing is not natural and therefore there is no "normal ability". It is how we manufacturer's make our computer products that designates "computer ability".

For that reason it should also remember that persons technology designates as having less computer dexterity are equally if not more prone to impairment as they typically have fewer muscles available to do the same workload and so our objective and that of Universal Design, is to enable as many individuals as possible, across the spectrum of human variability.

The explanation as to why impairment can occur is lengthy, multifaceted, crossing many disciplines of science. For those who wish to look deeper we have provided insight that out our own investigations have found, both from the initial research that set our own mouse design parameters to desktop investigations, such as the neurology of pain suppression that suggests that when we are busy doing "thinking work" we can be so preoccupied that we do not perceive the aches that warn of fatigue and overwork at the time that they start to occur.

An ache is a warning sign to take a break; rest and so recover (re-aerate tissues; build up oxygen levels and get rid of toxins, the byproducts of metabolism that build up when you work muscles). If you take a break the ache will likely go away and so the risk of injury reduced. A pain is a consequence of injury that doesn't go away even when you stop doing "ache work". It appears that when we are doing work we cannot rely on our senses to warn us at the times we ache, which means we must use tools that help to avoid ache work:

"If you do not ache, then you are less likely to injure!"

Product Synopsis.

The E-Quill-AirO2bic Mouse™, the only Gripless mouse in the world.

Nib™ Software: for PC or McNib™ for Mac, the most advanced Clickless Software in the world that can be used with other mice, trackballs or Assistive Technology input devices to provide Clickless manipulation of applications on your computer.

The Virtually Hands Free™ Mousing System: the only Gripless and Clickless mousing system in the world and commended for Ease of Use by the Arthritis Foundation.

(Do not forget the Mouse Mat, it works with the feet of the mouse to make it glide!)

If you have Internet Explorer 6.0 click here to check out the "The Clickless Web" the next generation of Internet browsing.

Corporations can have their website Clickless Enabled for their visitors by going to The Assistive Web.

Educational Facilities can contact us to have their websites made Clickless for free. At any one time we estimate 500,000 clicks are occurring per second on the Internet. Many will be by kids and teenagers who are likely developing early stage problems before they even start work. Our commitment is to not only help those who have developed problems but to help eradicate the source of the problem in the future by raising awareness and providing tools that place less demands on their hands. Please Contact Us.

Select from the tab menu on the right for more detailed information or click Shop Now! to choose your country and then view detailed product purchasing information:

Contact us with any questions you may have.

For contact or support please fill out the "contact form" (sorry spam bots and the email nuisance they create require that we do not post email addresses directly. Likewise and for the same reason we do not use your email address for spam or sell or loan it to others)

We are an International Business with partners delivering our solutions around the world so outside of the US please click Country to select your location from the map or contact us for assistance.

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