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Relaxed muscles are more comfy and are less likely to tire so less likely to ache. If you do not ache you are less likely to injure and removing grip removes "ability exclusion" for many as the design of other computer mice is the difference between ability and technologically disabled. Person with restricted dexterity are equally prone to injury and in many cases more prone due to the need to use fewer muscles to perform the same task, so making them work harder.

Bridging the ability divide is our objective, by building ramps that extend capability. Ability is on a scale and not of a different league. If you remove a mouse from a computer you limit accessibility by all. If you attach one type of mouse you limit accessibility to those that have the dexterity to use that specific product. Our products are and will be continue to be designed to extend accessibility as far as possible across the spectrum of variability and not delineate ability and so designate disability. We will assist those for whom our technology works and work on technology to include those we might not yet assist and will in all cases seek to understand and so respect human design by trying to understand the limitations that places upon us in regards to the tools and postures we employ and the type and duration of computer input work that we all perform.

In taking this approach we seek to provide accessibility to all, those with disability, those who have impairment due to computer use or not and all who wish to reduce the risk of impairment.

The need for oxygen is universal and by delivering it to your mousing hand as efficiently as your body is able to receive it, as Universally Assistive Technology to a Universal Design, we make computers more accessible to more people so affording them the opportunity to work, to use them for recreation or just stay connected with family and friends. The Internet is mouse intensive yet is now as important as the letter, the telegraph and the phone once were and is used for many more hours. If you have a disability, a functional impairment or just want to mouse more comfortably you will find products that look and work the exact same way for all:



Persons with Disability:

The Virtually Hands Free™ mousing system allows for conventional mousing techniques without the need for muscle activity forward of the elbow. This enables those with reduced dexterity of most kinds to be able to use the full features of their software including and especially an easier and fuller Internet experience. Upper arm muscles are used to move so point the mouse, there is no need to grip or click. Some persons with tremors may find that they can avoid unintentional clicking, as they are now able to maneuver without fingers being in close proximity to mouse buttons.

Persons with Functional Impairment (Injury):

Whether as a result of on or off computer injury the AirO2bic Mouse™ will help to alleviate the strain of computer mouse usage by untwisting the wrist and avoiding what is called Static Posture. This is when a constant grip is maintained, the excessive use of which is now reported as correlating with computer mouse related injuries. For those who have trouble clicking, or those receiving treatment for hand or wrist injuries, it is recommended that the Clickless Software be used along with the Gripless Mouse (The Virtually Hands Free mousing system) so as to remove the need to grip or click. In many cases this can break the cycle of receiving therapy and then returning to work to perform a task, like mousing, that is likely to negate or delay the impact of the benefits of the treatment just received. We believe that with our products many people can heal sooner (see many unsolicited testimonies on our "Testimonies" page) so saving thousands of visits for treatment and millions of dollars in Workers Comp and Healthcare costs, to say nothing of the relief from the misery that a chronic condition inflicts upon people's lives. In terms of computer usage: another cruel and wasteful irony is that it is those who work hardest for longest fall victim soonest and most often. A reminder to those in Washington State; you can apply to the State Insurance Fund to have our products provided to you.

Persons who work extensively with Computer Mice:

Some experts consider that using an ordinary mouse for more than 20 hours a week will likely lead to an injury within 2-5 years. Muscles that are tensed and then relaxed over short time intervals as when typing are considered at less risk as they are in what is called a Dynamic Posture. As with all physical work and in the absence of other factors that can affect some individuals, while Dynamic Postures can and do cause hands to tire, they are considered less likely to lead to injury if that posture were the only one employed while computing.

Muscles that are tensed and held tense for longer periods of time are said to be in Static Posture. This is the posture that HAS TO BE USED to some degree in order to grip an ordinary mouse including other so-called "vertical mice". This "Non-Neutral" posture is the basis for an expectation of injury and that is supported by the observation that many computer users start with problems in their mousing arm first.

As a result of mousing, flexibility in the wrist can be reduced and so the ability to twist the wrist decreases. The body then compensates by what is known as Postural Compensation, forcing the arm/elbow further away from the body, which moves the strain of mousing onto other muscle groups.

Aerobic Mouse products are the ONLY mousing products that allow you to work in what ergonomist's call "Functional Neutral". This is a posture under which you are able to work (Function) with muscles relaxed (Neutral) and is why they allow for better circulation to the small muscles of the hand and forearm that tire easily, that can become damaged or for those that are unable to cope with mice that need to be gripped and clicked. Get comfy with AirO2bic Mouse™ the only aerobic grip-less mouse, with click-less software (for Mac or PC) and a mouse mat that works in concert with the material of our mouse feet to reduce friction.

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For those who want to know more, explanations are provided under the various menu headings.

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