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User Feedback
What People Are Saying About Quill Mouse™

Dear Sirs,

I am writing to you because of the great product I used during my post delivery of my last child, AirO2bic Mouse (formerly Quill Mouse).

I had Carpal Tunnel and deQuervain's Tendonitis to the extreme. These are two very debilitating muscular diseases. I wore two different types of braces day and night to help relieve the problem, physical therapy and steroid shots to relieve the swelling. I still had to use two hands to pick up a gallon of milk, not to mention picking up my new baby. Yet the problem continued and continued until our IT department located a new type of mouse where you rest your hand in the cradle and it greatly reduces the number of times you click a day. This was a miracle for me. Not to have to click as often gave me and my hands the opportunity to rest.

Many people have surgeries to reverse this problem. It was suggested if my problem did not begin to show improvement I would also need to go the route of surgery. Shortly after using the mouse along with my continued physical therapy I began to see improvement. This meant No more shots, No more anti-inflammatory medications and soon enough no more braces. Before you knew it I was back to normal. I still have and use the mouse and recommend it to anyone who asks how my Carpal Tunnel and deQuervain Tendonitis is. IT’S GONE. Thank you guys!

Evelyn Pabon Elmont, NY

You saved me from some very painful times. It was the physical therapist who recommended the Quill Mouse to my employer while I was undergoing physical therapy for repetitive motion pain. The Quill Mouse was the answer! I am pain free now, with no surgery! My kids bought me one for home use as a Christmas gift. Now I will have a happy pain-free New Year!

Mrs. Nancy Gilbert
Andover, Kansas

Nancy's Reply following a request to use her unsolicited testimony!

From: "Nancy I Gilbert" <>


You are most welcome to use my words, name, town, anything you'd like! I cannot tell you of the horrific pain I was in before I started using the Quill Mouse. I have said numerous times, "Shame on the computer Industry for not addressing this issue". Thank God you did. I did not want surgery, but I did not want pain either, and I couldn't lift a cup of coffee, or tie my shoe. It was awful! I truly DO believe that the Quill Mouse saved me, not only from surgery, but from pain. Thank You, Thank You, Thank you!


Nancy Gilbert

P.S. anytime you need a walking, talking advertisement, you can call on me. I already pitched this to the Directors of The Boeing Company. I'm sure they thought I was a paid spokesperson, but they knew I worked for them.

"I have used the Quill Mouse for a week and really find it outstanding. The Quill Mouse is the only mouse I have used that really lets me keep my wrist and hand relaxed while using it."

Stephen M. Perle, D.C., M.S.
Associate Professor of Clinical Sciences
Adjunct Professor of Mechanical Engineering
University of Bridgeport

"I depend on this [Nib Click-less] software to make it through the day. For example, in the first 45 minutes today, I clicked 19 times and the nib clicked 534 times. Pro-rate that to a day and you can see why my hand gave out.

I have now unplugged and retired the regular Microsoft mouse, the Microsoft trackball mouse, the 3M joystick [Renaissance] mouse and the Evoluent mouse. The only mouse I will use from now on is yours. I did order a full system for my home computer too!

You guys are sitting on a marketing marvel and should shake up the industry when word gets out. I will do my part to spread the word.

Thanks for a great product."

Fred Kurtz
Rexnord Industries,
Indianapolis, IN

"I work between 8-10 hours a day on a computer and my mouse hand was getting increasingly sore over the past year. I searched the Web for a solution and found the Quill Mouse. What a difference. Together with the NIB software, the Quill Mouse has nearly eliminated the need to click. I can keep my hand support in one position which really eases the strain I used to experience. I highly recommended the Quill mouse with the NIB software."

Kurt Shaver
Director, Websense

"I have gone through your website and have found that your information is both beneficial and very accurate, which is excellent to see and I look forward to working with you in the future."

Preston Olson, MPT
Prevention Physical Therapy

"Since obtaining the Quill, my posture has improved... it is almost like the mouse forces you to sit up straight.  It is very comfortable and glides with ease."

Olivia Artusa
Town of North Hempstead

Internet Insider with David Radin Logo The Quill Mouse™ was featured in an article by David Radin with the Internet Insider and Megabyte Minute.

"The Quill Mouse allows you to push the mouse around your desktop without having to grip it, thereby making it much easier to use on a prolonged basis. And it does have a soothing effect on your hands -- at least it did on mine." READ THE FULL ARTICLE

The Quill Mouse™ has received Applelinks' highest rating! READ THE REVIEW by Applelinks Contributing Editor Charles W. Moore.

Applelinks Contributing Editor Charles W. Moore has reviewed Aerobic Mouse's McNib click-less software; read his review.

More positive reviews on the Quill Mouse™! Robyn Peterson with gives his input in "Vertical Mouse Makes Pointing Fun."

European band - Circ ImageThe Quill has been used in the production of a CD for a new European band called 'Circ'.Alexander Perl, the writer and producer emailed Aerobic Mouse from Berlin saying how impressed he was with his Quill.

Mr. Perl said, "I ordered the Quill Mouse from your Dutch distributor -- it's absolutely excellent and seems to have finally solved my mousing problems - I had tried [different types of products] and this is the only thing that has actually worked!"

The song, 'Destroy She Said', vocals by Madelin, can be heard in part at

Do you have something to say about the Quill™? Let us know!

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