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Anti.Fatigue™ Simply Explained:
We explain the use of our Anti.Fatigue™ AirO2bic mouse hardware and Clickless software, in regards to the physiological issues they solve, as the difference between driving city miles and highway miles. This still does not alter the fact that, though likely less frequently if using these products, people still need to stop and refuel periodically. To that end, and because the design of man came without a fuel gauge, we have launched Brakemoor™ an Anti.Fatigue™ "reminder to stop and top off" program.

In design we were also mindful of the corporate environment both from a safety and implementation perspective. While Brakemoor’s™ use of media in the corporate environment may require consideration, once accepted ,at the implementation level, it is practically applied by being designed to use mixed media CD's (or other flash media) that do not require media being loaded upon corporate computers. The "ethos" of Brakemoor™ is to ensure that people are aware of their responsibility to look out for themselves and we believe that the use of media as we suggest helps to reinforce this perspective and will become acceptable to employers for the benefits that this may bring. There are also other potentially tangible benefits described below.

PROCID (European Computer Safety Consortium) Recommendations for Healthier Computer Work: Recommendation # 4: Breaks from computer work must be frequent and allow for mental relaxation. Operators must be educated how to achieve full mental and muscular relaxation.

Ask about Brakemoor™ Message Board, Sensitivity & Diversity Training.
One benefit and opportunity for the use of media in the corporate environment is for corporate communications and training. The media sessions can be used to display corporate message board information. Also the Brakemoor™ recovery period media session can be used to provide and positively track the provision of Sensitivity and Diversity training, such as CA AB1825, which requires all employers in California with 50 employees or more to provide 2 hours per year training to persons in hire or fire positions in regards to Sexual Harassment in the office. Brakemoor™ can not only deliver but prove compliance in this regard. When employed as a training tool it may be possible to recover significantly the cost of implementation and maintenance of Brakemoor due to the corporate tax concessions that could apply for those who use it.

Productivity Profiling:
There are other timers out there that employ "user activity" to call breaks; how long employee types, the numbers of errors made, or simply log how long they are working at their computer. There is growing concern that such data collection can be seen as "productivity profiling". Regardless of any impact that this might have; at the practical level and our reason for designing Brakemoor™ differently and without logging is because we believe that such collection is "black box data" that may indicate a crash after it has occurred. We consider that by the time that it may be possible to notice significant change the potential for fatigue may have already set in. We focus on fatigue prevention and not detection. We do not collect user data to be reported to either the user or some central IT location. Brakemoor™ knows when its user is working and when they are not (when in Work Detection mode) so that it can their assist productivity by adding time back to the next break when an unscheduled break, to answer the phone etc, is taken.

Passive Breaks:
Most of the other Break timers offer "active breaks" by way of stretching exercises once the breaks are called. The logic behind this makes sense, stretch to get the circulation going, but we feel that you cannot stretch the muscles you haven't used without stretching the ones that you have, and they may need rest, as a break, to disperse any potentially harmful build up of metabolic byproducts. Muscles most effectively do this when relaxed.

In addition we look at effectiveness as sustainable behavior and we believe that "contorting" in the work environment is not conducive to sustainable behavior for many who may feel uncomfortable being expected to do so in certain office environments. Consequently, a "passive regime' such as Brakemoor™, may turn out to be a more effective and sustainable office environment friendly solution for this reason.

What may be of greater concern to employers is that if an Active Break program is provided to employees by the company and were something to happen to the employee whilst they were performing it, there could be some concern as to where, if any, liability might reside. We have had occurrence of neck injury reported (first hand) to us during the use of these tools. The circumvention of this issue by the "passive nature" of the Brakemoor™ technique has already been corporately recognized.

Please call 1 816-TO-MOUSE (1 816-866-6873) with any questions you may have.
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