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Software Overview

Nib™ & McNib™ (Gestures) Click-less Software

Nib™ for PC & McNib™ for Mac work by intelligently monitoring your cursor moves on the screen. When you pause, Nib™ performs the mouse click for you. Nib is our reinvention of a program called MouseTool, which is no longer commercially available. This software allows users to point at the screen and has it click for them by pausing over the icon or file. As most, so default clicks are left clicks a toolbar is displayed so that a right or double click can be selected by pausing over that icon. In a new development Gesture technology removes the need to go to the toolbar for that purpose as the user now pauses over the file or icon to be, say, right clicked, then "Gesture" to the right and return for the software to perform the right click. It then goes back to the default left click.

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Brakemoor™ addresses computer related fatigue at the physiological level, applying what we call the 3 R's of Anti.Fatigue™: Re-Aeration, Relaxation and Recovery. Users are reminded to perform (while working) deep breathing exercise every 15-20 minutes and then to take a 3-4 minute Fatigue Break in every 30-40; all settings are user options or their advisors choice. During a break they perform the breathing exercise, a passive muscle relaxation step and then have a recovery period to allow any fatigue toxins that can accumulate time to disperse. The recovery period is achieved by listening to and looking at media designed to interest the user (home/family life and personal interests) to remind them why they work and so why breaks are important and should be taken. We bring focus to the fact that the issues of fatigue are “All About You” and so reminds of you of a need to take some control and responsibility and so look out for you.

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