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The Virtually Hands Free™ Mousing System

The VHF Mousing System is a combination of the AirO2Bic™ Mouse & Nib™ Clickless Software which can be specified PC or Mac.

**Ordering a VHF System saves $25 compared to ordering a mouse and the software separately.**

Aerobic Mouse’s Anti.Fatigue™ Products are designed to allow users to work in a position that Ergonomists and Therapists call 'Functional Neutral'. This is a position in which you are able to work while in a 'Neutral' or near resting posture. Limbs that are comfy tend not to ache and if people don't ache they are less likely to injure!

It is a Universal Design as by removing the circumstances that can create hand impairment it also removes the limitations that mousing creates for some persons with disability.

It is also the first mousing products that removes the "design stigma" that other products of disability create and requires the same simple installation and is as easy to use as any other mouse, though requires no other specialized equipment for your computer.
It delivers the same level of protection from further injury for those with disabilities as it does for the able bodied and is the first and currently only conventional mousing system that asserts it meets the standards necessary for compliance with Section 508 of the US Governments 1998 amendments to the Rehabilitation Act.

The VHF Mousing Systems comprise of Nib™ Click-Less™ Software (for Windows 95, 98, 2000 & XP©, Microsoft Corp.) or McNib for Mac (OS.10X needed)

It automatically performs 95% (Average Word Processing User) of button clicking operations for you with visual indications of activity at the cursor so you are always looking at the working part of your screen.

It provides for Virtually Hands Free™ mousing by being both Grip & Click-Less™.
5,000 + finger clicks events per day are typically reduced to only a few hundred.
It is optimized for Word Processing Applications and Web Browsing.
You can surf all day and not have to click a button.
Once you purchase a VHF system your Software Key will be emailed by return. 
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We strongly suggest that you add a Glide-Well™ mouse mat to your order; when you try it you will notice immediately how easier mousing is compared to using other mice and mouse mats.

**New McNibVersion 1.1 - Tiger Compatible***

- PS/2 Adaptor (option) Please order please add Part No 0180-1111 ($4.99) 
-Windows NT 4.0 Server Users please add Part No 0180-1122 (at no charge)

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