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AirO2bic Mouse
Hardware Overview

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Quill imageAirO2bic™ Mouse: ($99.95*)

AirO2bic mouse now clinically indicated to help prevent and improve Carpal Tunnel Syndrome symptoms

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The only Ergonomically Functional Neutral mouse that does not require to be gripped and untwists the wrist. It is a 3-Button, scroll wheel mouse, USB "plug-n-play" so no software is usually required for basic operation. Some brands of PC may require an extra module for button assignment which is available from the "User" section of the Support pages. A PS/2 adaptor is provided, primarily for NT 4.0 users, all other users are advised to use USB as this is a high speed optical device that operates more effectively on that basis. PC and Mac compatible, it removes Static Posture, a working position that keeps muscles tensed, which is now associated with the development of impairment in computer mouse users and impedes their use by persons with disability. It is Universally Assistive Technology in that it does not discriminate in either appearance or by its use and, we assert, meets the relevant standards for Accessible Technology, defined under Section 508 Law.
(Part # 0090-0020-Right Handed Onyx, 0090-0030-Right Handed Pearl)
(Part # 0270-0020-Left handed Onyx, 0270-0030-Left Handed Pearl)

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Glide-Well Mouse MatGlide-Well Mouse Mat: ($12.99 *)
The surface of this mat and the material of the AirO2bic™ Mouse feet have been matched so as to reduce as much friction as possible. Old style mats, made to create traction with trackball mice, should be replaced with an optical mouse friendly and slippery surface. Every little helps when traveling 63 miles a year over a mouse mat, the less effort it is the better. Those who use desktops to mouse upon might considered that all optical mice depend upon surface consistency for accurate performance. Over time wear and damage imperfections could impact upon optical performance and a mouse mat is much easier to replace than a desk top in that event. (Part # 0180-1180)

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The Virtually Hands Free Mousing System ($149.95 *)
This is a bundle of the AirO2bic™ Mouse and Nib (PC) or McNib (Mac) click-less software (see software products). The 30-day software demo version supplied on CD in the AirO2bic mouse box is activated by the Software Key which is supplied to you (as a Certificate sent by email in the US). Future updates are downloaded by customers from our website if they register as users. Clicks are performed by indicating that desire by pausing over an active part of the screen. When the user selectable "pause time" (default value 0.5 seconds) is exceeded a click is fired. New users typically reduce their click count by 90% almost immediately. The numbers of clicks users perform and those that the software automatically performs are displayed. So if you click 5,000 times a day that is over 1,000,000 times a year and many click more, Nib will click 4,500 times and you only 500 times. Once users are familiar it typically performs 95%+ and those motivated by not having a choice to click, 100%. It is optimized for word processing and web browsing so you can surf all night (take regular breaks if you do) and not click a button. VHF (McVHF for Mac) is asserted as meeting Section 508 Standards and listed at that website and has earned an "Ease of Use" Commendation from the, US, Arthritis Foundation following an evaluation by an independent panel consisting of a design expert, people with arthritis and health professionals.
(PC Part #'s 0090-2020-Right Handed Onyx, 0090-2030-Right Handed Pearl)
(PC Part #'s 0270-2020-Left handed Onyx, 0270-2030-Left Handed Pearl)
(Mac Part #'s 0090-3020-Right Handed Onyx, 0090-3030-Right Handed Pearl)
(Mac Part #'s 0270-3020-Left handed Onyx, 0270-3030-Left Handed Pearl)

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