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Arthritus Foundation Special
Transcript of AFS

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Presenter David Weis
Guest Tom Large


David: Thanks you Flo today is the Arthritis Foundation Television Special is possible because of the support of individuals and companies dedicated..... Wow, [laugh] ah the microphone, I've only been in radio for 25 years, you need a microphone. Today we are trying to help the 66M Americans affected each day by arthritis.

Our appreciation to the shows listed.

An Arthritis Fast fact for you now. There are things we can do every single day that can help prevent pain and make our tasks a whole lot easier.

Joining us today is Tom Large from Aerobic Mouse to tell us about a unique computer mouse, we are all at the computer so many hours per day, Tom Large, it is something that is attached to us almost umbillically now tell us about this AirO2bic [pronounced aerobic] mouse and how it works.

Tom: The design concept behind the AirO2bic mouse is not to use the muscles forward of your elbow. By doing that people who have got mobility problems and so can't use those muscles or joints are now able to mouse and people who use computers a lot and are suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome can help to prevent making that condition worse or prevent getting it altogether by using a mouse that you do not have to grip. Very simply, you place your hand in a relaxed position, whatever position is relaxed outside of the mouse, that is the position you adopt and now you use the bigger, better upper muscles.

Now [it's] not just grip that we have got rid of but we have also got rid of the need to actually click buttons as well. Even though there are standard buttons on the mouse for persons with arthritis they are able to mouse without clicking at all simply, and I'll prove I'm not clicking it by holding it badly, if we look here at the cursor you'll see a little red dot appear, when the red dot appears that means it is actually doing a click for you. So if we pause on a card it will then click, if we pause again we can pick the card up and move it around. If we pause it will click for us again and this way we do not have to do any clicking whatsoever. We just pause on a card and we can drag it: I know you cannot see very well from there David.

David: I trust you.

Tom: trust me it is happening all very well here. Now if we very quickly just go to using it in a more practical applications; we can highlight text and then we can pick it up and drag it to wherever we want we can actually, also, scroll up and down the page and we can move objects without touching any buttons whatsoever.

David: As you said you use the larger muscles if you are someone who is at risk to developing Carpal Tunnel this helps or if you have already gone through carpal tunnel, had the surgery, have limited mobility, helps there too.

Tom: That's right and this is why we received a commendation for "ease of use" by the Arthritis Foundation, because it enables those who have joint problems or muscles problems to actually use an ordinary computer mouse and any other member of the family can use it as well, it is what is called Universal Design technology.

David: I understand that you are also involved, very involved with the Arthritis Foundation walk.

Tom: Well, despite my accent [English] I am a local chap.

David: Yes you are!

Tom: [laughs] and erm we actually like to get involved in the activities that are close to home so we attend the sponsored walks, we actually show our system off there, and just take part in the day. Last year was a good day that we attended.

David: and you also, I understand, sponsoring our donor drawing for today's show.

Tom: Yep, we are also sponsoring the drawing, our good friends at Hewlett Packard who also sell our products have contributed a Microtower computer and for anybody who pledges over $100 [strand a chance, clarified later] will receive a brand new Hewlett Packard computer plus and AirO2bic mouse and the software and anybody who pledges over $50, up to 5 people will receive the AirO2bic mouse and the Clickless software.

David: terrific, a great offer, thank you so much: can you pronounce Hewlett Packard one more time for me?

Tom: Hewlett Packard!

David: If Carly Fiorina had pronounced like that she would still be there. I wanna thank you so much, Tom Large, again his dedication to helping people with arthritis is, in deed, inspiring.

If you'd like more information on the AirO2bic mouse, this could help everyone call in now and speak to one of our volunteers on the phone panel, phone in your pledge as well to help the Arthritis Foundation, $50 or more puts you in our drawing for an AirO2bic mouse and a pledge of $100 or more puts you in a drawing the Hewlett Packard [English accentuation] microtower desktop computer the toll Free number is [as shown] now over to Scott Miller.



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