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References and Medical Studies

OSHA-Excerpts from OSHA Ergonomic Report (tw921209)

The following are taken from this excerpt, which is linked to below. In addition to the break recommendation it is stated by the OSHA that wrist deviation when mousing is consistent with the Development of syndromes. The Quill™ is the only mouse product that encapsulates and manages wrist deviations. It is interesting to note the reference by the OSHA to "body biomechanics" but refer to an "ergonomically neutral" position.

Indentation Image Work-rest schedules should be developed and enforced. Generally, a minimum of a 15-minute rest break at least every two hours is required.
Indentation Image There is some deviation of the wrist with finger interaction when using the mouse. Deviation of the wrist when performing finger manipulations is consistent with the development of UECTD's such as carpal tunnel syndrome.
Indentation Image Educate the employee on the basics of body biomechanics and the importance of maintaining the wrist in an ergonomically neutral position.
Indentation Image Provide a wrist rest or reorient the height of the employees when they are using the mouse such that they can maintain an ergonomically neutral wrist.

The original link to the above information has now been removed and a new less definitive link is provided.

New OSHA Guides

It is interesting that OSHA makes little mention of mice now but does recommend the use of wrist rests and trackballs. For balance and advice contrary to that at the above OSHA link, two links are provided below.

Canadian Centre for Occupational Safety and Health Mouse Reference

American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons

European Union Press Release:

Commission asks workers and employers what action should be taken to combat musculoskeletal disorders

The announcement indicates that despite the billions of dollars (euros) spent on ergonomic products and programs the injury problem is still growing. The release goes on to state: "The highest increases are being seen amongst professionals (up from 18 per cent to 24 per cent) and technicians (up from 23 per cent to 31 per cent)", which we interpret as correlating with office computer type of work and in light of references to workstation design and mousing activity. EU Press Release.

UK TUC: RSI checklist will spot jobs at risk: one in fifty workers have RSI

New figures released by the TUC show that one in fifty workers (506,000) is suffering from the symptoms of RSI, which include pain and immobility in the joints, nerves and muscles from the fingers to the neck. Last year 5.4 million days were lost in sick leave due to RSI, and every day, six workers left their jobs forever because of RSI, even though if caught early enough it can be treated by changing the way work and workplaces are arranged, or by physiotherapy. About a third of workers with RSI are under 45, and just over half (55% - 276,000) are women.

News in Science 4/3/2003 Computer mouse key culprit in repetitive strain injuries

Read a recent study that shows clicking a mouse leads to higher risk of developing hand or wrist problems.

Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety

Read the report on why using the computer mouse has become a problem, what makes using a computer mouse hazardous and what can be done to reduce the risk of injury from using a computer mouse.

Medical Studies Related to Biomechanics

American Journal of Industrial Medicine Volume 41, Issue 4, 2002. Pages: 221-235 Published Online: 15 Mar 2002

Other Links of Interest

Hardware Review from AARP

BBC News (UK) Left Handed at Risk
BBC News (UK) Children at Risk
BBC News On Line Health Threat Form Computer Usage; Jan 28, 2003

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