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AirO2bic Mouse™
Nib™ Click-Less™

Nib™ & McNib™ Software

  • NibTM Software is designed to work on Windows 98, works best on Windows 2000 or XP. As an appointed Microsoft Assistive Technology Partner we are a part of Longhorn, the project name for Microsoft’s next Windows operating system, to ensure that both ourhardware and software technology will be compatible with it on the day it is launched.
  • Mc Nib™ is designed for Mac OS 9+ but also needs OSX.
    • Eliminating up to 2,000,000 clicks a year is good
    • Having to grip hundreds of tons of mice a year is not
    • Using this software with other mice helps but is not the complete solution

The AirO2bic Mouse™ & (Mc)Nib™ Virtually Hands Free (VHF)™ Mousing System

  • Commended for Ease of Use by the Arthritis Foundation.
  • The only Gripless & Click-Less™ system in the world
  • Extends AirO2bic Mouse™ utility by removing most of the button-clicking
  • It is Click Assist Intelligent Programming that:
    • Waits for you to Pause over an active part of the screen
    • Allows you to set how long you wait before it clicks
    • Allows you to set which click, left, right or middle, is the default
    • Allows you to change the click each time you need to
    • Gesture technology allow you to do this with a simple mouse movement
    • Allows you to use Hotkey functions on the Keyboard to click
    • Lets you program the type of click you want by window type
    • HotSpot™ is a visual tool at the screen cursor that tells you what is going on
  • As it makes a click HotSpot™ appears
  • If you DragnMove objects HotSpot stays and disappears as (Mc)Nib™ lets go
    • DragnMove: allows you to highlight text or move objects around
      • Totally Click-less Solitaire!
  • VHF has been optimized for the key applications you need
    • Word processing including email writing
      • Audible track lets you hear when Nib™ is working
      • Close Window Prompt, no accidental file closing
      • Hotspot: so you can highlight, cut paste and move easily
    • Web browsing
      • A visual, at cursor, indicator that warns of a Hyperlink
      • Hyperlink pause, you set how long Nib  waits to link
      • Avoid linking to sites you don't want to visit
      • Check the link on the status bar to know before you go
      • Also works in word or email Hyperlinks
  • Break Timer that manages your RSI risk and not your productivity
    • Set the time interval between Breaks
      • AirO2bic Breaks 43 minutes (recommended)
      • Nib (PC) has a disable the mouse and keyboard option
      • Apply Local or Company recommendations
      • Legal compliance, many European States have Laws!
      • Clinical recommendations, to rest or take therapy as advised
    • Set the Break Duration
      • AirO2bic Breaks 2 minutes (recommended)
    • Add Back; manage risk not productivity
      • Monitors keyboard and mouse activity
      • Add Back adds Time to Break back if you take an unscheduled break
      • Any break has aerobic value, even if it is only to make a call
      • So breaks are called on time worked and not time elapsed.
  • Works with most input device but Best used with the AirO2bic Mouse™
    • Order VHF™ in the product section with a Left or Right Handed AirO2bic Mouse™
    • You save $25 by ordering both and AirO2bic Mouse™
    • Order by providing your serial number.
    • You will receive a Software Key, simply log on, register it, and download or Nib™ or McNib™
    • In this way (Mc)Nib™ is always available for you (not others) for download
      • Including free upgrades for life
      • Pay only for the best once, today

It isn't where your hands are in the air; it is where the air is in your hands!

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