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Anti.Fatigue™ Software
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Monitor Ache and Help Manage Fatigue

  • Physiological Fatigue (simplistically) two forms:
    • Ache Fatigue: Aerobic resource exhaustion
    • Pain Fatigue: Anaerobic byproduct build up
  • Why can it go unnoticed?
    • The Muscle "Vegas" Effect!
      "What happens in muscles stays in muscles!"
    • Under low force work conditions anaerobic (toxic) byproducts can build up in active muscle cells that are undetected in the bloodstream.
    • The "Cognitive Distraction" Effect
      So busy working to notice Ache Fatigue you can enter into and remain in the Pain Fatigue zone!
    • Migraine research suggests that concentration and pain circuits in the brain overlap. When we’re busy doing "thinking work" it attenuates (inhibits) pain so we notice it less when we are not so busy.
    • Thought a primeval survival process stemming from the days when an "over reaction" to pain, if you were "busy", may have been the difference between eating lunch and being lunch!

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