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Computer Mouse Fatigue.

It's the 4:30 pm in the office, near the end of the day and you have been word processing, doing web-based research and firing off emails all day. You don't even notice that you are rubbing your wrist and if you look around the office you'll see others are doing the same or massaging fingers. This is Computer Mouse Fatigue and, if you are lucky, right now, it is an ache and not a condition.

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What You Never Knew About Mousing! or Some Possible Physiological Implications of Gripping & Clicking Computer Mice.

"A Ring a ring of, roses; a pocket full of poses; atishoo, atishoo; we all fall down." This "nurse rhyme noir' is a grime reminder of another rodent mediated plaque that befell a 14th century European/Asian society that constructed an ill considered infrastructure based on good intent, though in ignorance. While the cause of the Black Death is now obvious the agent a bacteria called Yersinina Pestis was not as back then bacteria were undiscovered. That fleas on rats could carry such a thing would have been beyond the realms of what we now call science fiction. While Yersinina Pestis must had been around a long time its success, which is what an epidemic represents for any species of bug, can be attributed to a change in our social infrastructure with inadequate technology that didn't know or anticipate its existence or mechanism of "infection propagation". This alone should be a cautionary tale for any new human endeavor that is likely to impact millions of people. Recovery from the Black Death, in Europe at least, took 150 years or more of infrastructure redevelopment and changes in perceptions, habit and so practice. Presumably, in the absence of knowledge of bacteria, on the basis of experimentation, common sense and what was seen to work. Ironically, though coincidentally, Yersinina pestis is an anaerobe and the issue in this 20 th Century technology plague once again appears to involve the consequences of aerobic verses anaerobic conditions and ironically the Rat, the propagator of that old plague could be lending a hand, quite literally, in starting to find a clinical basis for this problem.

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Part 1. Molecular Ergonomics "Your knee bone's connected to your chromosome!"

For those who think they have missed the birth of a new science, fear not, you haven't nor are you likely to hear the term again. It is a one off event to bring focus to some basic concepts of biochemistry in an ergonomic perspective. Ergonomics' serves beings with chromosomes, which script our destiny based on our history and so ergonomic practice must work within the confines that they create!

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Part 2. Molecular Ergonomics, Taking the Garbage Out!

So as the man in the septic tank replied to the passer by who asked how he had fallen in? - "It matter less how I got here, how I get out is all that counts!" I personally classify computer injuries as Mechanical Onset RSI's (MORSI), because it is the mechanical activity performed on computers while using badly designed tools that is the causal factor of impairment. This is to distinguish it from clinically mediated RSI, where an underlying clinical condition has resulted in impairment that typically impacts the users ability to use the computer. The fact that physicians see and diagnose both groups is a consequence not a cause.

Download Molecular Egonomics - Part 2

A Practical Guide to Good Mouse Keeping!

Since its invention in the early sixties the computer mouse has taken on an increasingly significant role as an input device, becoming key to many new applications and central to user-software interactions. This has resulted in both greater usage of and dependency upon the computer mouse.

Download A Practical Guide to Good Mouse Keeping!

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