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Getting M.A.D.

Mouse Arm Disease (M.A.D.)

  • Mouse Arm Disease (M.A.D.) is the name Sweden gives to the many problems mice create
  • Muscles work mechanically. Any muscle that is tense is doing work
  • Holding your hand Palm Down is work even if you are not moving your mouse
  • Tired or Injured Muscles slow down blood flow, oxygen levels fall, producing toxins
  • Grip overuses flexor (hand closing) muscles, under using extensor (opening) muscles.
    • The imbalance this creates can cause pain when away from the computer
    • Causes clenching and lowers circulation, puts pressure on tendons and nerves
  • Palm down, the weight of your own hand and forearm bears down on your Carpal Tunnel
    • Pressure on veins reduces blood flow returning to the heart
    • Wrist rests press even deeper into the wrist making things worse
    • Increases pressure in the Carpal Tunnel (American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
    • It is called Carpal Tunnel Syndrome!
  • If you apply an ounce of grip for a second and for 3 hours a day, that is 750 tons of grip a year
  • Clicking 10,000 times a day (easily done) is over 2,000,000 finger movements a year
  • American Journal of Industrial Medicine Volume 41, Issue 4, 2002. 15 Mar 2002
    • Studied 632 new hires using computers 15 hours or more a week
    • Participants kept diaries and were followed for up to 3 years, which showed:
    • Musculoskeletal Symptoms (they hurt but don't see a doctor)
      • Neck & Shoulder 58 cases per 100 person-years
        • In an office of 10 that's 6 cases a year
      • Hand & Arm; 4 cases a year in an office of 10
    • Musculoskeletal Disorders (saw a doctor)
      • Neck & Shoulder; 3.5 cases a year in an office of 10
      • Hand & Arm; 2 cases a year in an office of 10
    • Conclusions
      • Problems are common among computer users
      • More than 50% of users reported symptoms in the first year!
  • Keyboard or Mouse?
    • Most users develop dominant side, mousing hand problems
    • Users changing hands develop problems in the other hand
    • Left-handed, who mouse with the right, primarily get right side problems
  • Are you likely to get M.A.D.?
    • These statistics would suggest yes.
  • Can we help?

For a more in depth Understanding of Getting M.A.D., click here.

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